Windows 11 gets Android Subsystem in latest developer build

It’s not too long when Microsoft came out with the revelation to launch Windows 11 with an element of surprise, its native Android support via the Microsoft Store. Supported by Amazon, Microsoft provides the option to install it for your Android apps from Amazon Appstore. Nevertheless, the recent Windows release will not be Android support at the launch scheduled in October. Presently, Microsoft Store has been updated with Windows Subsystem for Android enlisted there, implying beta testing for Windows Insiders program members.

According to the findings, the given listing of Windows Subsystem for Android is merely placed there to fill the space for attempting to install the apps produces no result and brings up the blank screen. While going through the Windows Subsystem for Android webpage, all you can find in the text is “Microsoft Confidential – For testing purposes – Please do not take screenshots or communicate about the content.”  

Now, the Windows Subsystem for Android installation needs serious consideration to system requirements. The webpage content suggests the minimum Operating System requirement to be mistakenly listed as Windows 10 version 22000.63 or higher, whereas the 22000 series is used for Windows 11. Also, the previous listing has even mentioned Xbox one. However, the Xbox One has been later removed from the listing, the reason being the speculations of Android apps on Xbox. Also, the system requirement includes ARM64 or x64 architecture and 8/16GB RAM.

The release of the Android apps on Windows 11 has already been revealed to be delayed and is, therefore, a matter of dissatisfaction among the users. Meanwhile, Microsoft may be rolling out a Windows 11 preview design with the Android apps support on Insider Dev or Beta channels in the next couple of months. In the meantime, you have an option to run your Android apps on Windows PC using the Android emulators for Windows.

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Why is Canon printer not printing when the ink is full


Every printer in the market goes through some errors or issues at some point. Well, no device can be perfect at all. Canon inc. tries their best to provide a trouble-free printing experience with their printers. However, users can face some issues regarding ink on the printer.     

There can be two cases of such printing issues, the first is no ink on the printer page, and the second is low or faded print ink on output. If your canon printer is attempting to print, but the ink isn’t printing on the paper, then it may happen because of a few reasons such as;

  1. There is no ink in the tank or Bubble Jet.
  2. Clogged Printhead nozzles on the ink cartridge.
  3. You didn’t remove the Protective cap or tape completely.
  4. BJ cartridge replacement is needed.

What’s the solution?

If your Canon printer model faces issues like no ink on printing result pages, you can go through a few processes.

Print a Nozzle Check Pattern to check printhead status 

By seeing the Nozzle Check Pattern, you can confirm if the tank has enough ink and whether the ink ejects from the printhead nozzles.

  • Go to the MultiPASS control panel and press on the Function option.
  • Swipe right with the “>” and stop swap when Nozzle Check appears.
  • Press the Start/Copy button. 
  • If you see Nozzle isn’t printing properly, clean the printhead at least five times.

 After installing BC-21e Color BJ Cartridge, four colors will be shown – Black, Cyan, Magenta, and Yellow. A missing line is normal in colors.   

How to clean PrintHead?

When you find the ink is full but not printing on paper, then you should perform printhead cleaning of Canon printer by following these steps;

  1. Tap on Function from Canon printer display.
  2. Swipe right until you see the “Head Cleaning” option.
  3. Tap on “Start/Copy.”
  4. Try these steps at least 5 to 6 times.
  5. Again print Nozzle Check Pattern. 
  6. Replace the Cartridge or BJ Tank if you don’t see ink on the paper.

If the printhead is damaged, you can replace BC-21e Color BJ Cartridge.

How do you replace a BJ Tank in a BC-21e Color BJ Cartridge?

When you replace a BJ tank and the Canon printer is turned on, I will say, leave the BJ cartridge as it is. You can see Color Ink Empty or Black Ink Empty notice in the MultiPASS. Make sure you replace the relative ink tank.        

  1. On your Canon printer, two options appear Function and Resume and look for CARTRIDGE. Once you find it, click press this button.
  2. Lift the Printer cover or Automatic Document Feeder.
  3. Wait a while, and printer carriage doesn’t work.
  4. If you see carriage is centered, locate the black BJ tank on the right and the color BJ tank on the left.
  5. Pull the tab and discard the empty BJ tank.
  6. Open or unbox the new BJ tank, then slide it into the empty slot.
  7. Press on the tab until it snaps into place.
  8. Tap on “Cartridge” and close the Printer Cover.
  9. Perform printhead cleaning once.       

How to replace the ink cartridge on the Canon printer?

If there is no ink remaining or the level is low, you should replace the ink cartridge with the below steps;

  • Step 1- Tap on the “Cartridge” button on your Canon printer.
  • Step 2- Pull the Printer Cover up and wait until the carriage is centered.
  • Step 3- Locate the empty ink tank and unlock the cartridge by lifting the lever.
  • Step 4- Discard the ink cartridge from MultiPASS.
  • Step 5- Take out the BJ cartridge packaging.
  • Step 6- Slide and place the new cartridge against the holder’s back.
  • Step 7- Lock the cartridge by pressing down the lever.
  • Step 8- Tap on “Cartridge,” close the cover and perform printhead cleaning.         

Try printing with a Canon printer after you perform all the above instructions. This time ink should print perfectly on your paper. 

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How to fix printing issues in Canon IJ printers

Canon printers are multi-functionality printers available to copy, scan, and even fax your documents and images, other than only print them. The Canon printers support printing from your PCs as well as other devices such as smartphones, iPads, tablets, and more. In addition, they are flexible enough to be used from any corner of your home using the wireless connectivity option it supports.

Troubleshooting Canon printer’s printing issues

Like any other printer, the Canon printer also comes across certain errors and issues. Its printing issue may arise due to more than one cause. One may encounter the issues such as not printing, printing blank pages, not responding, wireless printing not working, etc. Given below are some of the ways to deal with such problems in your Canon printers.

Canon IJ printer’s not printing issue

You can fix your Canon IJ printer issues using some of the simple steps mentioned below:

  • Firstly, you need to ensure the power supply to your printer by checking the power cord if it is connected properly or not.
  • To begin with the Canon IJ printer troubleshooting, press and hold the power button of your printer.
  • Check if the flashlight of your printer is flickering. If it is, wait for it to get lit.
  • Your Canon printer wire connected to your PC should not be loose. If it is, plug it in tightly.
  • You need to ascertain the USB cable you are using to connect to your PC and printer must be compatible with both devices.
  • Check for the network connections to ensure the wireless connection method of printing with your Canon IJ printer.
  • Make sure the papers are loaded in an arranged manner on the paper tray of your Canon printer.
  • You will be able to print with your device only if your printer is added to your device. If not, add your printer manually.
  • You must ensure the correct configuration of your Canon IJ printer to resolve not printing issue.

Canon IJ printer not responding issue

This issue arises in your Canon printers when your printer loses communication with your PC or a MAC. You can fix this issue using the steps given below:

  • Try resetting your PC operating system and then proceed with the printing process.
  • On having low signal strength, it is recommended to get your printer near your network router’s range.
  • You can check your printer’s signal strength by printing the Network Settings sheet and do the required adjustments to fix the problem.
  • To ensure your printer is in communication with your network router, power off your printer and router and then power on both the devices.
  • Try turning off the activated firewall software, which may be blocking the connection between the PC and the printer. 
  • Check whether or not your PC and a Canon printer are connected to the same network.

Amelia stone is self-professed security expert .Her passion is to write about blogs , sharings article etc . She writes for trendmicro products at  | www.trendmicro/activatetrend micro activation 

Nvidia’s Shield TV software update

Shield Android TV will support PS5, Xbox series X controllers now.

A new update from Nvidia has come for its Shield Android TV software recently to include support for the updated next-gen console controllers. If you have a Shield TV or Shield TV Pro device, then you have a new option to pair the Xbox Series X controllers or the PS5 DualSense so that users will get option play PC titles or Android games through Nvidia’s GeForce streaming service. 

It’s fair to say that Nvidia knows its crowd. In the case of Xbox Series X / S controllers, you have the option to hold the pairing button and wait for the Xbox button to begin blinking. You can head into the Shield TV’s Bluetooth section for pairing a PS5 DualSense controller; after that, until the light pulses blue, hold down the PlayStation button for that time. This 8.2.2 update additionally brings the gadgets up to Android’s December 2020 security fix level.

Nvidia is additionally adding Control4 home automation system support Alongside the controller support. This automation system is added in its Shield TV 8.2.2 update. One can visit NVidia’s website to get the latest Shield TV 8.2.2 update from its notices. It permits the Control4 remote or application to explore around the Shield TV UI to install apps.  

Nvidia has reliably updated its Shield TV software for quite a long time, enhancing its AI-powered 4K upscaling features a year ago alongside enhancements to remote controller customizations; the update included remote control with 25 actions, shortcuts, improved IR & CEC volume control support, 4K upscaling feature working with 360p and 1440p content and more last year. Nvidia also added IR and CEC volume controls last year to its latest devices.

Its capacity to play PC games through Nvidia’s GeForce Now streaming feature is the huge advantage of the Nvidia Shield TV for gamers, and it means you can get to games you’ve purchased on Steam, besides any faithful objectors, on a similar TV you play each one of those Xbox Series X games or PS5 games.